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Saturday, June 14, 2008

7th TOYCON Preparations 3

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We were able to reproduce our komiks in time for TOYCON. I found another photocopy shop but I had to commute from work. But it was worth it because the quality of the photocopy was good. Another good thing was we were able to release our komiks this time with colored covers. The issues look better than the ones we released last M3 Con but a little more expensive. We’re just gonna sell our fifth issue and our entry to the comic creation contest. We hope sales will be better in the event.

Ryan and my sister Jenny were able to finish my nephew’s costume for the cosplay. My nephew will cosplay SPD Red on SWAT mode. My sister was able to finished my mask to complete my costume. I’ll be cosplaying as The Question (the Vic Sage/male version) from DC Comics.

Don will be entering a modified Gundam Gerbera Tetra for the customized mecha contest.
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Ryan will be entering the customized action figure contest. He modified a toy (a female action figure) that my sister was able to find in a previously-owned toy store.
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We're all ready for the TOYCON today. Hope to see you all there later.

How To Enjoy the TOYCON Better
Ryan, Don, and I have been going to the TOYCON for years now. So far we’ve always have fun while we are at the convention. If it is your first time to go to a TOYCON, here are a few tips that we would like to share to you to make your TOYCON experience something to remember by.
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Come early. – There are more freebies at the first day for the early ones. As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm.
Patience is a virtue. – One has to be extra patient. One will have to line up (it’s a very long line if you are early) to buy a ticket then line up again to enter the venue.
Bring cash, lot’s of cash. – We’re not saying that you bring your whole life savings. Just bring some extra cash with you. One can never know what cool things can get your fancy while you’re at the TOYCON. Though some toy sellers these past few conventions accept major credit cards, most of them still only accept cash. This will save you the time of going out of the place and go looking for an ATM machine (the nearest ones are at the ground level).
Join some of the games during the TOYCON. – If you’re waiting for the announcement of winners for the contest (which we usually do), the best way to make time pass by quickly is to join the games. You might even win a prize so you will have a memento of the event.
Go with friends or family members. – One can always go to these conventions alone but it’s much more enjoyable if you have someone to converse or share the moment. One can feel out of place especially if it’s you’re first time at conventions. Besides, you couldn’t get a picture of yourself beside your favorite cosplayer or celebrity if you don’t have a companion (unless you give your camera to a total stranger or you just want close-up shots).
Bring a camera. – If you’re a photo buff, there are a lot of interesting subject matters at the con like cosplayers (which are accomodating most of the time) and toy displays.
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. – The venue can get packed with lots of people so it can get hot inside. There are just a few seats inside so expect you’ll be standing up most of the time (so don’t wear those stiletto shoes).
Watch the featured presentations on stage. – If you're tired of going around, stay near the stage area (or get a seat if you're lucky). They sometimes show fan films or anticipated movie trailers so you'll be entertained.
Be cordial. – As I said earlier, it can get crowded inside the venue. You can get bumped around anytime so always have a smile in your face and say “Excuse me.” or “Sorry.”
Eat before coming in the venue. – One can get hungry roaming around. Food and drinks are a bit expensive inside. But if you followed our tip about the cash, it's alright.
Don’t bring many valuables or gadgets. – Though security in these conventions are strict, some criminal elements can get inside. So always make sure your wallets or purses are secure. Flaunting your high tech gadgets can make you targets for these devious people.
Don’t bring big bags. – It’s harder to navigate through crowds if your bag is bulky.
There are more bargains at the last hours of the last day. – Many sellers drop prices before the convention closes. Many of them are eager to dispose more items so they won’t have to bring them back.
We hope the things we shared to you help make your TOYCON experience more memorable and enjoyable. See you at the TOYCON!

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The 7th Philippine Toys, Hobbies, and Collectibles Convention 2008
June 14-15, 2008
Megatrade Hall 2-3, SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City, Philippines

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