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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

7th TOYCON Preparations 1
Ryan and I are now preparing to reproduce our entry to the comic creation contest. We’ve made arrangements with DAmeat so we could sell it at the event. We also plan to sell our fifth issue that we released at M3 Con.
Ryan is is still thinking what contest to join. He already finished retouching his possible entry to the customized mecha figure but he is also thinking if he will only join the customized action figure. He doesn’t want to eleaborate more because he wanted to surprise Don and I. Don already finished his entry to the customized mecha figure. He’ll try to bring it at work to show it to us. Their department head, Vio Rodriguez, is thinking of joining the customized action figure. Even a coworker from the Maintenance Dept. is thinking of joining a contest in the event. He collects mechas so he’ll probably join the customized mecha category. The news about TOYCON spread fast here at work.
My sister already bought materials for my nephew’s costume for the Live Action Figure Costume and COSPLAY Contest. With the help of Ryan, they will modify the sentai suit that my nephew wore last M3 Con. She is also helping me with my costume.
I’ll also try to develop the film of the pictures that will be our entry to the Cosplay Click - Cosplay Photography Contest. The pictures were taken by my nephew’s father. He also preoccupied with photography besides his work as a sound technician for a band.
So many things to do before 7th TOYCON. I hope we pull it off.

LEGO Memories
I remember my first LEGO set. I was 8 years old and I won it in a raffle promo of a fastfood chain. It was a big box of assorted LEGO bricks. I couldn’t believe it because I’ve always asked my parents to buy me one. They always told me it was too expensive and “kalat lang yan” (which came true because there was always a piece or two at every corner of the house since then). I was ecstatic and wanted to go home to check it out.
My siblings and I had a fun time with that LEGO set. We made a lot of toys with it like A-Team vans, our versions of Blue Thunder and Airwolf (popular helicopters of that time), KITT or Knight Rider cars (“Turbo Boost, KITT!”), and giant robots (Mekanda Robot versus Mazinger Z fight specials). Plus there are the toy houses and appliances when we play with our kid sister. I also came up with a lot of stories playing with it.
Many years later, our parents decided to give the LEGO set (the box was only half filled because we’ve lost so many pieces) to our younger cousins. I didn’t want it to give it away at first. But when I saw that my cousins were very happy to have it, I didn’t object.
I had another LEGO encounter when my brother came home from a managers’ convention with a small LEGO set. He said they we’re made to express theirselves with it. Wow, the toy has gone a long way, I said to myself. It’s now a corporate tool to bring out creativity and imagination (which it did when I was young). That LEGO set is now in the hands of my nephews in the province.
At the coming 7th TOYCON, there will be a LEGO Build and Create Contest. If you want to join, it’s time to raid your old toy closets, borrow from your pamangkin or apo’s LEGO sets, or buy new ones, because you’ll need many pieces to build your masterpiece. Just click here to read the rules and get the form.

The 7th Philippine Toys, Hobbies, and Collectibles Convention 2008
June 14-15, 2008
Megatrade Hall 2-3, SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City, Philippines

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