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Saturday, June 07, 2008

7th TOYCON Preparations 2
We have a problem in reproducing our komiks. The photocopy shop where we always avail services doesn’t accept back-to-back photocopies anymore. They said their machines keeps on experiencing paper jams so they were sorry that they can’t accept our komiks anymore. We chose the shop because it is just near our workplace and the quality of photocopy is better and cheaper than others. Now we had to look for another photocopy shop.
Ryan has started helping my sister with the modifications on my nephew’s sentai suit. They hope they finish it days before TOYCON. It’s a blessing in disguise that my sister Jenny is not working this school year (she’s a high school teacher; she was illegally dismissed by the Chinese school where she taught). She’s also helping me with my mask for my costume.
I’ll be picking up later the picture that will be my brother-in-law’s entry to the Cosplay Clicks. He got to work out of town for the weekend.
Don forgot to bring to the office his entry to the customized mecha. He said he’ll try to bring it on Monday.
I’m already excited about this year’s TOYCON. It’s a good thing that day is a payday. You’ll never know when something gets your fancy.

STICKFAS, A Customizer’s Dream Toy
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I first saw STICKFAS at last year’s TOYCON (I think it was those pre-assembled ones I saw). I was impressed at its poseability but I didn’t like them because they were so plain looking with just one color. I told Ryan to take a glimpse at it and I told him my opinion of it. He told that one could customize it if someone wants to. I agreed with him and we looked at other toys.
Then I noticed that there will be a STICKFAS Customized Figure Contest this coming TOYCON. It made me curious so I look the toy up in the Internet.
STIKFAS are 3.25 inch (8 cm) model assembly figures/toys. Once built they can be customized with stickers (packaged as Stikers) and different pieces (I thought at first they can’t be taken apart). The design principle behind a STIKFAS is that all of the joints are ball/socket, and offer exceptional poseability, interchangeability, and articulation. They are sold as "kits" that include accessories, and Stikers, and additional models (dragon, dog, cat, bike, etc.) to accentuate the "theme" of each kit.
The debut of STIKFAS was through a successful co-branding in 2001 with the computer game publisher, Electronic Arts. This collaboration provided a proof of concept and STIKFAS Pte., Ltd. (based in Singapore) was incorporated in August. Work began on the first mass production model of the STIKFAS Action Figure Kit, which was made available to public through online sales at in December 2001.
From 2002 to 2004, STIKFAS was licensed to international toy giant Hasbro Inc and this move saw a significant increase in its product range, distribution network as well as market recognition. During this period, STIKFAS was awarded the title of "Best Original Concept" in "Best of the Best 2002" by Wizard's Toyfare magazine, the industry's leading publication. That year, STIKFAS came in second for "Most Fun and Innovative Toy" in a consumer's poll by Toyshop Magazine, a revolutionary achievement for a simple plastic toy to earn its place in a category dominated by high tech electronic toy items.
STIKFAS debut in Japan in the fall of 2003 under the distribution of Tomy Direct Co., Ltd. In February 2005, the first comprehensive fan book about STIKFAS, its products and the people in the company, was published by Hobby Japan, the nation's leading hobby magazine since 1969. This publication reinforced the cult status that STIKFAS has in Japan.
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The first STIKFAS style is called the Classic Alpha Male. This is a male-style figure, standing 3 1/4" tall. The Omega Male is slightly taller, and has a wider girth. A Beta Female has a feminine shape, is shorter than the Alpha male, and has a different style waist.
Delta Boy is shorter still. It resembles a boy-sized Alpha male, but smaller. I don’t know why they didn’t release a Delta Girl (maybe there was no demand or one can just customize a Delta Boy to look like a girl). In 2004, STIKFAS introduced the Generation Two (or G2) Alpha Male. It has additional points of articulation in the knees and elbows.
In December 2005 a new G2 was released. The Gamma G2 Male is larger than the 'Omega', and has the same extraposable knee and elbow joints as the G2 Alpha. The Gamma also has a wider and thicker chest than the Omega. The chest consists of two separate halves that snap together.
In 2006 yet another new body style was introduced, the G2 Sigma Male, which is a tall slender-looking figure that has an elongated upper torso as well as the addition of separate knee and elbow joints, making it the tallest STIKFAS body yet.
STIKFAS is distributed here by Wimax Philippines, Inc.
The STIKFAS Custom contest at this year TOYCON is not the first. There was one (called Stikfas Stikfun Stikfan Competition) already held last May 10, 2008 at the Hobbes and Landes Universe, Bonifacio High Street, Fort Global City, Taguig.
There is even a group here in the Philippines devoted to STIKFAS called STIKFAS PH. Below are the links to their Multiply account and Google group.
In a toy cutomizer’s hands, STIKFAS can be made to almost anything. The limit is just one’s imagination. So this toy is something people like Ryan and Don would like to have.
(Source: Wikipedia)
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The 7th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2008
June 14-15, 2008
Megatrade Hall 2-3, SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City, Philippines

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