Subway Productions

independent comic book creators based in Metro Manila, Philippines

Monday, May 29, 2006

Here's the Break Out Special that won 1st Place at the Comic Creation Contest at the 1st KOMIKON (Philippine Komiks Convention) last October 22, 2005, UP Bahay ng Alumni.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Brief History of Subway Productions

A Brief History of Subway Productions

We started out December 2003. Culture Crash Comics organized an indie comics contest for the 2nd C3 Con Philippine Comicbook, Gaming and Anime Convention. We decided to join the contest. It was easy since we all work in the same company (REX Printing Comp., Inc.). The group consists of Ryan Francisco (graphic artist), Adonis De Leon (also a graphic artist), Elmer Reyes (illustrator), and I, Jonathan Salazar (editorial assistant.).

We decided to call our group Subway Productions. As you can see in our logo, we believe that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and not a train coming towards you. We believe that there is always hope even though it feels the world is on your shoulders‚…even for dreamers like us.

We decide to call the comic book Break Out because we believe we are breaking out from ourselves all the talents the He has lent us, breaking out the stories that have holed up on our heads for a very long time, and breaking out from the boundaries of what many believe in a comic book (that it's just a child's recreation).

Our first issue contained three stories: "Me and My (Ghost) Friend Musashi" was conceived by Ryan Francisco (who did the artwork) through a dream he had one night. "Banana Conflict" just popped from the artist's head (Adonis De Leon). The third story ("The Maid") was based on a confession one made in a popular men's magazine and was drawn by Elmer Reyes. I did all the scripts.

After a long hiatus, we joined the comic creation contest organized on the 1st Philippine Komiks Convention (KOMIKON) last October 22, 2005. We released Break Out Comics #2 and Break Out Comics Special, which was our entry to the contest. Luckily we won 1st Place. Christian Dave Gonzales was also featured as a guest artist in the special.

As of writing, we are doing the follow up of the stories.