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Monday, January 29, 2007

Komiks Congress!!!!

Tentative date is February 16, 2007 and the venue is to be announced later.

I'm just enthusiastic about this because I think this could help upstart komiks (Filipino term for "comics") creators like myself. What they can come up in this congress might just pave the way to the future of the komiks here in the Philippines. If all of you didn't noticed, there are no more komiks sold in the bangketa or newstands. Even National Book Store doesn't have komiks on their racks anymore. I can't even say that we even have a komiks industry anymore because only a few brave komiks creators (like myself) are coming up with issues nowadays. But even I can't release in a regular basis because this is not my full time work. Also there is a problem with where we can sell our komiks. As of now, only a few stores in the Philippines sells indie komiks. As of now, I can only sell our komiks in komiks conventions and promote them through our blog, other online groups, and word of mouth.

If you want to know more of the state of komiks today, go to and If you want to know about the history of Philippine komiks, go to or Gerry Alanguilan's site for Phil. Komiks Museum.


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