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Friday, March 02, 2007

Update on the Komiks Congess (Kongreso ng Komiks)

You can go to the following sites to get an inside look at the recently concluded Kongreso ng Komiks. They were part of organizing committee so they are more credible to report about it.

Randy Valiente
John Becaro

You can go to Azrael Colladilla's site to download the eye-opening PowerPoint presentation made by Randy Valiente about the history, current state, and challenges ahead for the komiks industry. You can also view some of the pictures he's taken about the event.

Click here.

I was frustrated at first at the pace of the congress. It already started late and many of the attendees were not able to say what they wanted to voice out due to lack of time. Plus, they should have told the attendees earlier that there was a need to select members for the interim secretariat so we could have gone on with the discussion. But that is how the system works. I am still interested in going to the next meeting on March 23.

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