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Monday, November 24, 2008

Subway Productions at 4th KOMIKON

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You don't see me at the table because I'm the one taking the pictures. I was the only one who attended the 4th KOMIKON because Ryan, Adonis, and Butch are on a company team building session in Laguna (where I excused myself).

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We were able to release Break Out Comics #6 in time for the convention. It contains the last installment of Ryan Francisco's "Me and My (Ghost) Friend Musashi" and a reprint of the story done by Butch Bantog done last year. It is quite a feat for us since we were able to release two issues in one year. I'll try to post the sixth issue here as soon as possible. We were fortunate enough to get our own exhibitor table because we couldn't register early for the indie tiangge.

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It was very good to see fellow creators I've met through the years like Hazel Manzano (who released her own book "Callworks" that day;congrats!), Gener Pedrina (Sanduguan), Gio Paredes (Kalayaan), and KC Cordero (Filipino Independent Komiks). I wasn't able to make so many rounds or take pictures because I was busy manning the table. I was also selling some of my preowned comics and toys.

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The venue was jampacked with more booths and comics fans (even though it coincides with another convention). There are also more costrippers there (Met TWO Rorshach!). I just wish they would hold a cosplay next year. We also made enough money to ensure the release of more issues of our comics in the future.

Here's the cover. The boy portraying as Wry is my cosplaying nephew Zire Yvin John. Check his blog that I maintain for him at

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Congratulations to the organizers! You were able to pull it off again. Hope to see you alll there next year.

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Blogger Hazel Manzano said...

cool! bili ka na ng callwork sa NBS or Comic Odyssey galeria!

7:22 AM  

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