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Monday, November 20, 2006

Hataw! Hanep! Hero! 2006 Images

I went to Hataw! Hanep! Hero! 2006 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City last Nov. 19. It was the second day of the event. On my humble opinion, it was the most organized fan convention I've ever attended. It really pays to be supportted by a big TV network. The raffle was electronically done. Almost everyone has a "goody" bag (except those who were given complimentary tickets). The place was able to accomodate the huge crowd well. The security was commendable (Who would think to create trouble if you have big guys like them?). The staff was very courteous and accomodating. My only complain was that the venue was just too far. But the trip was worth it. I'm very much interested in going next year.

Below are some images of the event. They were taken by my low-tech camera phone so the resolution is very low. (Pagtiyagaan nyo na lang!)

As early as 8:00 am, there are already long lines outside the WTC.

The giant poster of the event outside the WTC

Early images of the event

Close up of the life-size statue of Zenki

From the Mirmo de Pon animé

The stage

Wow! Jean Grey (Dark Phoenix) statuettes!

Mr. Satan cosplayer (from Dragon Ball; Pogi! Pogi!)

Mr. Satan with character from Naruto cosplayer

Inuyasha life-size statue

Voltes V team statues with Voltes V replica

Mr. Satan with my nephew Zyj and sister Jennivy

Susy and Geno with nephew and sister

Some activity at the stage

Cosplayer at H3

Fab 3 at H3

A giant mokona on the loose!


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