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Thursday, August 17, 2006

I'm happy to announce that we are going to have a new artist in our roster. Her name is Jessica Ignacio. We met at work were she was doing her OJT at Ryan and Don's department. I saw her portfolio and asked her if she wanted to join our group. She accepted and I asked her for a story plot. As soon as she gave me her story plot, I worked on the synopsis and initial script. She liked it and now she's doing her story for our next issue of Break Out Comics (Target Release: October 21, 2006, KOMIKON 2006, UP Bahay ng Alumni). Her story series is titled "Torrent."
Her story is about Angstorm who was once a dedicated soldier of the Gallandrian Defense Force (GDF). When the GDF was disbanded by the Republiqe because it couldn't support them anymore, its members either became armed bodyguards of the nobles or mercenaries. He joined the Venguards, a mercenary group put up by Zacander, his former commander. They were mostly hired by nobles to squash rebellions and do exterminations of the old and handicapped. He has become cynical and hopeless of the future.
Then, while going back to their base camp, they rescued a woman in the desert. She was suffering from partial memory loss due to a concussion on her head. All she remembers was her name was Ericela and she got separated by a sandstorm from her companions.
Below are her initial character designs.

Welcome aboard, Jessica!


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